The Team

Tony Stevenson, CEO

Tony StevensonTony founded High Country Plastics in 1991 upon his retirement from the PRCA. His years of horse interaction combined with his knowledge of rotational molding left him with the conclusion that he could manufacture Poly products that would be safer for the animals and more durable for the owners. From that conclusion the roots of High Country Plastics were born with the introduction of a small product line and a few employees. Over the years Tony has successfully introduced innovative products to the industry while maintaining the high quality and standards that High Country Plastics is known for. Now in 2014 High Country Plastics offers over 300 products with a distribution market covering the US, Canada, the UK and Australia. He’s actively involved in day-to-day operations while specializing in R&D, new product development, manufacturing processes and customer relations.

Email:  |  Phone: 1-800-388-3617 Ext. 23


Doug Burnside, Controller

Doug BurnsideDoug joined High Country Plastics in 2006, in an Inside Sales position. Prior to joining High Country Plastics, Doug's career spanned over 20 years in operations, production, and business finance with an Informational Technology Corporation. In 2009 Doug moved from Sales into the Controller position for High Country Plastics. In his current role Doug assumes responsibilities for all financial related functions as well as HR and Purchasing.

Email:  |  Phone: 1-800-388-3617 Ext. 24


Chance Stevenson, President

Chance StevensonChance has been actively involved in High Country Plastics for much of his life. He spent summers of his high school years working in the facility where he learned multiple aspects of rotational molding via hands on production experience. In January of 2006 he joined HCP full time as a Sales Representative. In 2009 Chance took over as National Sales Manager for HCP and became a co-owner of the company. In 2015 Chance was promoted to President of HCP. Today with over 12 years of experience in the industry he's actively involved in all aspects of the business from sales and marketing to production and product design.

Email:  |  Phone: 1-800-388-3617 Ext. 3



High Country Plastics is represented by Agri-sales Associates across the lower 48 states & parts of Canada. Agri-sales has 25 highly trained reps in the field to service each account in person on an individual basis.

If you aren’t familiar with your rep & would like to contact them please visit the following website: chose the territories option in the tool bar then click on the state you live in to view contact info. Or call us direct at high Country Plastics for the contact information.


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